Astra Capital Management


Low Volume, High Impact


Astra deploys capital via a tightly screened, high-impact investment model that creates opportunity for outsized returns.

  • We target companies with strong products, services or assets utilizing technologies and business models that overlap with Astra’s expertise.

  • We actively pursue companies at an inflection point whereby the team’s operationally-focused involvement can play a critical role in identifying and executing growth opportunities.

  • Our team's blue-chip industry relationships and “mega-fund” investment talent/acumen have proven to be valuable in attracting proprietary opportunities not broadly available.

  • The Astra process leverages the team’s expertise, network and experience to offer businesses more support than what is traditionally provided by middle-market private equity firms.

  • We seek to act as an agent of change to facilitate growth and lasting transformations in the companies in which it invests.

  • We provide our portfolio companies with: (a) strategic guidance and repositioning; (b) active operational support and enhancements; (c) assistance with domestic and international expansion; (d) help navigating regulatory hurdles; and (e) creative use of capital and mergers and acquisitions markets.